The Yemini family has been making silver Judaica in Jerusalem since 1908. Yehia Yemini was in the first class of the Bezalel School silver department founded in 1908. His son Yaakov continued the business and his grandson Boaz runs it. The Yemini studio makes high quality and unique Judaica ritual objects. I own the Solomon mezuzah. Their handmade sterling silver mezuzah cases are occasionally put on sale on their online store.  

The Yemini family traces their modern history to the establishment of the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem in 1908. There was a class of Yeminite boys and men who were taught silversmithing. Yehia Yemini was a member of that class and incredibly that tradition continues to today. Check out their website to see the incredible attention to detail in their work today. I own the Solomon Mezuzah shown below.