Henryk Winograd

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Henryk Winograd (1916-2008) was a master silversmith who created beautiful mezuzah cases. He immigrated to the United States from his native Poland in 1972 and began work as a master silversmith and jeweler. He created high relief designs by hammering pure .999 silver into intricate molds. He created many mezuzahs throughout his career. He also created twenty one relief scenes of the Civil War and these were exhibited in the Rotunda in Congress in 1998.

WInograd’s mezuzahs can be found at auction and at select dealers including darek_smok on eBay who has represented the estate for over 15 years. Darek provided me with very helpful information on Henryk for this listing. Appel and J Greenstein auction houses also carry special and enamel  Winograd mezuzahs.

The mezuzahs shown in the photos are made of .999 silver. Winograd's enamel mezuzahs are highly prized trophies. Photo of Winograd mezuzah is courtesy of Jonathan Greenstein. The other mezuzahs are from my collection.