Luxury Brands: Tiffany and Christofle mezuzahs

Luxury brands make mezuzahs primarily as gifts for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and house warmings.

In 1979, Boehm, a company that was best known for detailed porcelain figures of birds, made a limited edition platinum porcelain mezuzah that sold for $150. That’s equivalent to $625 today. Since then, other luxury brands including Tiffany, Christofle, Lalique and Daum have made mezuzahs.

Tiffany has produced three mezuzahs and Christofle has produced two. The Tiffany mezuzahs are made of sterling silver and the Christole mezuzahs are silver plate. Both companies package their products  beautifully and they come in branded gift boxes.

I own two of the Tiffany mezuzahs shown below. There is a newer one that I do not have. All of the mezuzahs are sold out but can be found on eBay or from time to time. You can reserve one of the Tiffany mezuzahs on the They sell for about $175 – $325.

Christofle produced a mezuzah designed by Adam Hadany that is stunning and in the Jewish Museum in NYC. It is sold out and rarely comes up at auction. It came out with a newer mezuzah several years ago. That mezuzah is sold out but can be found on eBay from time to time. The newer one sells for about $220 which was its retail price.

The photos below show two Tiffany mezuzahs and one Christofle mezuzahs from my collection. 

Two brands that specialize in crystal also produce mezuzahs. Lalique produces a mezuzah designed by Irma Orenstein that sells for $1250 – $4250. Daum makes a mezuzah that sells for about $1000. I have seem photos of both the Lalique and Daum mezuzahs but have not had the chance to examine them yet.

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