Dudik and Yossi Swed are Jerusalem natives who are third generation master craftsmen. They have ascended to the highest echelons of Jewish silversmithing . Simply put, they create Jewish heirlooms. Their works are stamped with the names of the families that buy them.

Dudik worked for the famed jeweler Emanuel Wexler and then for his older brother Yossi. According to Belle Rosenbaum, their works are inspired by converso ancestors who disguised Jewish ritual objects in ordinary utensils or ornaments. The brass mezuzah shown below was created in the 1980s and is stamped Yossi and Dudek Swed. The second mezuzah is a 21st century creation.

Yossi now runs the Swed Workshop and Dudik works independently.

I have two Swed Workshop Mezuzah cases in my collection. See gallery photos.

I am the third generation of a Jerusalem family of craftsmen. My Workshop specializes in Judaic works of art that are treasured in the collections of connoisseurs around the world. The artistic and technological developments in Judaic art have taken generations to refine. This high standard of excellence is achieved by housing Master of Design, metalwork and engineering under one roof. A unique workshop environment allows for the Swed trademark of creating pieces that are built part-by-part. Such a unique design allows for easy cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating, which is another Swed innovation. I am determined to create Judaica that will last forever, like treasured heirlooms. What separates Swed Masters Workshop from every other silversmith worldwide is the fact that others who are in this profession, are producing their pieces with one or two people who though may be skilled in different fields, their work cannot compare nor accomplish what a unique select team of the highest level of master designers. Our achievement has been to invent this new process in the ancient art of silversmithing, where not one part of the piece is soldered, but all is assembled according to an exact engineering technique. This process has given the Workshop a worldwide reputation for precision and quality and allows us to give a lifetime guarantee for every one of our pieces – each designed to be cherished and handed down from generation to generation.