Carmel Shabi



Carmel Shabi (1939 – 2009) was born in Iraq in 1939 and immigrated to Israel in 1951. In 1974 he traveled to England to study with the master silversmiths, Wakely & Wheeler London. In England, Carmel completed original work for Garrard , Aspery , Bvlgari , Tiffany, the Sheikh of Muskat and the Sultan of Malaysia. During the same period he also created the Ascot Cup for the Queen of England. Since 1976 he concentrated solely on creating Jewish Ceremonial art. Being an internationally recognized Judaica Artist, in 1990 Carmel won the prestigious Bar Ilan University Prize of Judaica. Carmel was a member of the Swiss Guild of Silversmiths. He had exhibitions in Israel, the US and Switzerland. His mezuzahs  were unique and handmade. Available at Auction

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