Amalya Mizrahi


Mosaic Artist

Amalya Mizrahi is a mosaic artist who sells her works at the Nachalat Binyamin Art Market in Tel Aviv and is select galleries. She worked with the famous Israeli sculptor David Palombo until his death in 1967 and then for his widow for another 22 years. She also collaborates with other Israeli artists such as Itzchak Luvaton. Her works can be found at Yad Vashem and at the Knesset Gates in Jerusalem. 

I met Amalya at Nachalat Binyamin and showed her a photo of a David Palombo mosaic mezuzah in my collection. She looked at me and said “I made that” and told me the story of her 25 year relationship with Palombo and his widow.

You save approximately 66% off the gallery price if you buy directly from Amalya.