Mezuzahs at Auction

Here are some picks of mezuzahs at auction in the next 30 days. They include mezuzahs by Oded Davidson, Carmel Shabi and Frank Meisler. These are recommendations and I have no commercial interest in these mezuzahs or their sale.

Recent sales

July 18, 2023 Greenstein & Co. Lot 128 A Sterling Silver mezuzah by Oded Davidson, estimate $300 – $500, buyer’s premium 28%, lot located in the USA

Link to Auction

SOLD FOR $320 including auction house commission

July 18, 2023 Greenstein & CO. Lot 180 A sterling silver mezuzah by Carmel Shabi, estimate $400 – $600, buyer’s premium, lot located in the USA

link to Auction

SOLD for $610 including auction house commission

Levy Auction House

June 29, 2023 Levy Auction House: Two Frank Meisler mezuzahs, No estimate, starting bid $100, buyer’s premium 22%, lot located in the USA

link to Auction

SOLD FOR $300 with auction house commission

Upcoming Sales

Two North African mezuzah cases, early 20th century for sale on July 31, 2023 at Kedem Auction House in Jerusalem Israel. Starting bid for first mezuzah is $1000, second mezuzah is $500

starting bid is $1000

Starting bid is $500

Christofle mezuzah is on sale for $139.99 Buy it now. Mezuzah is sold out and not available from Christofle anymore. Retail was $220