In 2019, a mezuzah case made by Ilya Shor that was given as a gift in 1956 sold at Sotheby’s for over $56,000.  Imagine that.

Many people have mezuzah cases that they got as a wedding or a housewarming gift, bought on a trip to Israel or ones that belonged to a deceased relative stashed away somewhere. Sometimes they’re are in a sock or desk drawer and sometimes they are in a box that is stashed away in the attic or a storage unit. If you are really lucky, your great aunt or uncle got one of those Ilya Shor mezuzahs for a bar mitzvah gift and it is stored in a box in your attic. 

Mezuzah cases can be worth $$$ and we can help you find out their value. Send us a photo of your mezuzah cases and we’ll score them for you and give you an estimate of their value. Send the email to

We score the mezuzahs using a comprehensive method for assessing the value of mezuzah cases. We use a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the highest possible score. Mezuzah cases with a score of 70 and above are considered collectible, those with scores of 80 and above are likely to have some value, and those that score 90 and above are outstanding examples of mezuzah cases. The higher the score, the higher the value. 

If you are lucky you may have a 90+ point mezuzah that is worth a lot of money. Mezuzahs are going up in value every year with rare mezuzah cases appreciating faster than others. And there are reputable auction houses in the USA and Israel that will sell them for you. 

Let’s see how it works.

Here’s how we rate mezuzah cases

The rating system uses five essential criteria to develop a score:

  • Aesthetics: This criterion focuses on the visual appeal of the mezuzah case. Elements such as craftsmanship, design, and decorative features contribute to this score. A mezuzah case that evokes a “WOW” response and remains memorable is awarded a full score of 20.
  • Condition: The physical state of the mezuzah is evaluated here. A well-preserved case with minimal wear and tear receives a higher score. A mezuzah case in new condition is awarded a score of 20. Cases with damage are scored lower based on the severity of the damage.
  • Rarity: Uniqueness, materials, and historical significance play a role in this category. Exceptionally unique or historically important mezuzah cases receive a perfect score of 20. Cases from limited production runs garner a score of 15, while mass-produced cases receive 5 or fewer points.
  • Quality: This criterion considers the overall craftsmanship, materials used, and durability of the mezuzah case. A high-quality case made with superior materials like gold, silver, gems, and enamel, coupled with skilled workmanship, attains a score of 20.
  • Investment Potential: The potential for the mezuzah case to appreciate in value over time is assessed. Factors such as rarity, historical significance, and market trends are taken into account. Cases with the potential to double or more in value within five years receive a score of 20. Cases expected to maintain their value receive 10 points, while those likely to depreciate receive 0 points.

What the scores mean

Each of the five criteria uses a 20 point scale. Scores are added together to come up with a total score. The final scores correspond to distinct categories:

  • Investment Grade (90 or above): Signifies a unique mezuzah case, representing the pinnacle of quality.
  • Important and Collectible (80 – 89): Mezuzah cases that hold significance and should be part of any collection.
  • Suitable for Inclusion in Collections (70 – 79): Cases falling within this range can contribute to a collection.
  • Not a Collectible Grade Mezuzah (69 or below): Cases below this threshold lack collectible value. 

More Details If You Are Interested

The following is a breakdown of each of the five score components: aesthetics, condition, rarity, quality and investment potential.

20 WOW, a memorable mezuzah that you cannot forget. ICONIC

15 A beautiful mezuzah that makes you smile and feel good

10 A nice mezuzah but not necessarily one that you would remember

5 A mezuzah that is plain and uninspired

20 New, unused in perfect condition

15 like new, with very slight wear

10 used, some wear or scratches

5 some damage

20 Unique, one of a kind

15 production under 25

10 production 25 – 100

5 Mass produced

20 Designed and made by artist with high quality materials (gold, silver, enamel)

15 Very detailed work may be made with other materials (bronze or brass)

10 Commercial mezuzah, may be machine made

5 Material defects

Ten 90+ point mezuzahs

Anika Smulovitz

USA, Signed, 2020

MC Score 96 (Aesthetics 20, Condition 20, Rarity 18, Quality 18, Investment Value 20)

Material: Sterling silver and bronze  Size: 7 x 5 inch  Value $1000. Source: Artist


Henryk Winograd

USA, Signed, 1994

MC Score 94 (Aesthetics 20, Condition 20, Rarity 16, Quality 18, Investment Value 20)

Material: Sterling silver and enamel Size: 7 x 4 inches    Value $2800. Source: J. Greenstein & Company


Laura Cowan

Israel, Signed, 2021

MC Score 94 (Aesthetics 20, Condition 20, Rarity 16, Quality 18, Investment Value 20)

Material: White metal Size: 5 x 1 inch Value $225. Source: Artist

Apollo mezuzah

Luigi Del Monte

Italy, Signed, 2000

MC Score 90 (Aesthetics 18, Condition 18, Rarity 16, Quality 18, Investment Value 20)

Museum: MOMA

Material: Anodized Aluminum  Size: 6 x  2 inches. Value $350 Source: eBay

Luigi Del Monte 2002, The Right Direction

Dudik and Yosi Swed

Israel, Signed, c 1990

MC Score 94 (Aesthetics 20, Condition 20, Rarity 16, Quality 18, Investment Value 20)

Material: Sterling Silver and brass Size: 5 x 1 inch   Value $1000. Source: eBay

Arie Ofir

Israel, Signed, c 1975

MC Score 94 (Aesthetics 18, Condition 18, Rarity 20, Quality 18, Investment Value 20)

Material: Sterling Silver.  Size: 5 x 2 inches   Value $1500.  Source: eBay

Carmel Shabi

Israel, Signed, 20st Century

MC Score 95 (Aesthetics 20, Condition 19, Rarity 18, Quality 18, Investment Value 20)

Material: Sterling Silver   Size: 7 x 1 inch   Value $1500. Source: eBay   

Carmel Shabi Mezuzah

Rafi Landau

Israel, Signed, 21st Century

MC Score 90 (Aesthetics 18, Condition 18, Rarity 18, Quality 18, Investment Value 18)

Material: Sterling Silver   Size: 6 x 1 inch   Value $500. Source: eBay   


Yaakov Yemini

Israel, Signed, 20th Century

MC Score 94 (Aesthetics 20, Condition 18, Rarity 18, Quality 20, Investment Value 18)

Material: Sterling Silver   Size: 6 x 1.5 inches   Value $6000. Source: eBay   


Unkown Maker

Warsaw, Poland (1899-1904)

MC Score 94 (Aesthetics 18, Condition 16, Rarity 20, Quality 20, Investment Value 20)

Material: Sterling Silver and Gold Size: 6.5 x 1.5 inch                                Value $2500+   Source: eBay