Chaya Magal


Ceramic Artist


Chaya Magal   (1897 – 1999) was  born in Kishinov, Russia.  Chaya developed an early interest in art and, later while attending the Art Academy; she met Ben Zion, a student of painting.  They married soon after graduation in 1932 and immigrated to Palestine a year later and settled in Haifa.

For many years Chaya taught arts and crafts within the Haifa educational system.  Ben Zion was among the first members of the association of painters and sculptors in Israel.

In 1953 she, her husband and twin daughters were among the first settlers in the artists’ village Ein Hod, located on the slopes of the Mount Carmel. Here, she and her husband were able to devote themselves to art, she in ceramics and he to painting. 
Influenced by her background in Russia, as well as her new home in Israel, she developed the warm and lively colors and subjects, which adorn her original ceramics.

Chaya Magal produced a set of 12 mezuzot cases for the twelve tribe of Israel. These are shown in the gallery.