Mezuzah Gift Recommendations

I’m often asked to recommend mezuzahs that can be given as gifts for weddings, housewarmings and other special occasions. The ultimate gift is a mezuzah that people will hang on one of their doorposts in their home.

I’ve put together a list of five mezuzahs created by renowned Judaica metal artists that I think would make beautiful gifts. I chose mezuzahs that are currently available and priced between $75 and $250.

I have purchased all of the mezuzahs that I am recommending and these mezuzahs are ones I would genuinely love to receive.

Here are my recommendations:

Edgar Berebi

Over the past 25 years, we have gifted countless mezuzahs crafted by the master artist Edgar Berebi. His crystal and enamel mezuzahs are truly remarkable, with a significant “WOW” effect. Although Edgar has recently retired, he is selling some of his remaining inventory on eBay for approximately $100, including shipping. Hurry, as they are a steal (retailed for $180+) at $99 and won’t last long. To find his listings, search for “I am Edgar Berebi” on eBay (

Laura Cowan

I adore Laura Cowan’s Apollo mezuzah, featuring a space-age design. This mezuzah has been to space on a US Apollo mission and a Space Station mission. Visit Laura’s website ( to read the fascinating details. The Apollo mezuzah is available in two sizes: 5″ ($225) and 7″ ($250), with free shipping. I believe that this mezuzah is one that you will want to include in your collection too.

Aimee Golant

Aimee Golant, a talented Judaica metal artist based in San Francisco, creates exceptional mezuzahs that radiate spirituality. Each time I hold one of her mezuzahs, it brings about a sense of well-being. In my collection, I have a pewter “upstanding person” mezuzah. Aimee offers more than twenty mezuzahs in her online store at Prices start at $76, which includes free shipping and gift wrapping. Most of her designs are priced under $250.

Rhonda Kap

Rhonda Kap is an acclaimed California based metal artist whose work captures the nature around her. He resume includes pages of exhibitions, award and public commissions. The good news is that you can email or call Rhonda directly and order a mezuzah that she will make for you. She makes bronze mezuzahs, to order, one at a time. She made this Tree of Life mezuzah for me. Her website is and there is a big selection of mezuzah cases on her site. They are priced at about $200.

Ruth Shapiro

Based in California, artist Ruth Shapiro uses the lost wax casting technique to create exquisite bronze mezuzahs. Words fail to describe the beauty of her work. While her mezuzahs are not large, measuring 3.5 inches in length, I find them perfectly suited for indoor display. Prices for Ruth Shapiro’s mezuzahs range from approximately $80 to $225. You can explore her collection on, where she has 40 mezuzahs listed. I own two of her mezuzahs and find myself tempted to acquire more.

Joy Stember

Pewter artist Joy Stember, located in Philadelphia, has developed a distinctive and striking rectangular style for her mezuzahs. She offers around 20 different mezuzahs on her website, Prices range from $80 to $190, and new customers can enjoy a 10% discount. Joy also offers the option to custom design some of her mezuzahs. Personally, I have a 5.5-inch custom-designed Gila mezuzah with a window ($130), which I absolutely love.

Frann Addison

Frann Addison makes beautiful mezuzah cases. Some of them are made from found objects. She just made me a Tree of Life mezuzah. Check out her in my artist directory and on her website at: to see some of the very unique mezuzah cases that she makes. Prices are around $200 and Frann makes these mezuzah cases one at time, to order.

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