Victor Lederman


Goldsmith, Denmark

Victor Lederman was born in Poland after WWII and moved to Denmark.  He is a goldsmith. He apprenticed at Vagn Drachmann and spent many years working for Georg Jensen. I met Victor on a Facebook Judaica Collectors group where he share some of his exquisite Judaica objects. I asked him if he made any mezuzah cases and several months later I received an email with photos of a mezuzah that I added to my collection. Victor makes commissioned, handmade, unique works. He can be reached at

I just finished this literal "beith mezuzah " after about 60 hrs of work.It´s bronze and 2x6 inches " with,about 50 handcrafted and fitted parts. There are no stamped or pressed parts ,no lost wax-centrifugal,vacuum CAD/CAM, no electroforming.The mezuzah is hand engraved.