Dan Givon



Dan Givon was born in Israel in 1955. He graduated the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design with honors in 1981. Since then he has earned international recognition for his original designs and magnificent craftsmanship. He creates his work in small limited editions, with each piece skillfully handcrafted by Dan himself. His work is exhibited in the finest Judaica collections in Israel and around the world. The Bezalel Academy of Art awarded the Raphael Prize for Design to the Givon mezuzah. It’s a must have acquisition for any serious mezuzah collector.  It is available in silver plate or sterling silver (limited edition, numbered 1-100). I bought my mezuzah at auction. It is also available directly from Dan Givon.

My art is an expression of my Jewish identity. When designing Judaic Art, it is essential to understand its spiritual purpose as well as its functional use. I acquire such awareness from all sources and communicate this complex meaning within its form. Each work balances modern designs with tradition and function. Through these pieces, I strive to show today’s generation that modern Judaica is art as well as a harmonious part of our modern lifestyles.”