Luigi Del Monte



Luigi del Monte is a visionary and an artist. His work is having the same impact on this generation of artists as Ludwig Wolpert had in the 1950s and 1960s. His works have set design trends that are now widely copied by others. Luigi’s use of new materials such as anodized aluminum in the 1990s as well as multicolored works  have shaped many of the  design trends that are the standard in Judaica art today.

Luigi describes himself as an engineer but I see him as an artist. His work is meticulous and detailed. His prismatic mezuzah which was sold by MOMA in New York over 20 years ago combines engineering precision with art. It looks as if it was designed today. Timeless.

Luigi is an Italian by birth and has a studio in Milan but also lives in Israel.

His mezuzah cases, shown below, are part of a studio line but he also makes unique art works on commission. The blue and silver mezuzah is called the Right Direction and was done in 2002. The second mezuzah is called the Prismatic Mezuzah, 1999 and is in the collection of the Israel Museum.