Oded Davidson



Oded Davidson is a silversmith who has worked in Jerusalem for over forty years. Oded specializes in Judaica and makes beautiful mezuzah cases out of his studio in the House of Quality at  12 Derech Hebron.

“The atmosphere of Jerusalem, spiritual and physical has always influenced my work. 

With each and every piece, I have attempted to achieve a goal that I set for myself many years ago: To express Judaica through tradition in silver in a totally original, yet traditional manner. He has succeeded in this, as you can see in his work that speaks for itself.

You will find that many of my pieces have Jewish history, Midrash scenes from the Bible and quotations from Jewish sources incorporated into them.

In every possible way, I have called the wealth of Jewish teachings into my art. But the art is not only unmistakably Jewish, it is also unmistakably mine.”

He is renowned not only for his unique and beautiful designs but also for his flawless workmanshi