Sherri Cohen



Sherri Cohen is a metal artist and designer who lives in Upstate New York. She makes jewelry, Judaica and custom works of art. I own two of her mezuzot. Both have a copper case and a sterling silver letter “shin”. What can I say about Sherri’s mezzuzah cases? They are beautiful, unique and stand out. They deserve to be seen by more people.

You can find her store on etsy at sherricohendesign. The sweetheartgallery.com also sells her work.

Over 20 years of creativity began with my BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. I began creating ceremonial and religious objects in the early 90s to celebrate the cycle of life within the Judaic tradition. My work has been exhibited throughout the country in galleries as well as private collections, and it appeared in the Celebrations Collection in New York's Jewish Museum. From whimsical hearts to spiritual items, the collection incorporates sterling silver, gold, and semi-precious gems, along with natural local and exotic woods and recycled materials. My unique art captures my awe of nature, the human spirit and enduring love. My ceremonial objects that celebrate life cycles are sure to become the heirlooms and keepsakes of tomorrow. My handcrafted jewelry, one-of-a-kind, signed pieces, and functional art enhance life, spirit, and the home.