Ben Zion David



Ben Zion David is an eight generation Yeminite silversmith. He is a master silversmith and artist and one of my favorite mezuzah cases is one that he made. It is a work of art. Ben Zion began working with his father when he was a boy preparing silver threads. His inspiration is old Yemenite designs and wedding jewelry combined with modern influences.  He is a graduate of the Technion and worked in the Israeli defense industry before realizing that being an artist was his true calling.  If you are ever in Israel, your should visit his gallery in Old Jaffa. The Israeli government buys his works and gives them as gift to World leaders and Royalty.

“The hands of the master seem to have a life of their own as beauty streams through his hands ….. from hand to hand, from father to son for centuries and even millennia, adorning and sanctifying the world around us, passing life’s mysteries encrypted in silver lace from generation to generation.” except from an interview by Lea Wedensky which appears in Book 1 People of Israel by the author.